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4 Tips to Improve Your Hunting Tactics

Man hunting during hunting season

Every year, hunters get out during the hunting season and try and get their kill. Sometimes, they don’t even get a kill. If you’re a hunter sick of not getting a bigger kill or a kill at all for that matter, maybe it’s time to get tactical and change up your techniques. Here are 4… Read more »

The Beautiful Colt Revolver

Colt Revolvers

Most gun owners and firearm users are well aware of the legendary Colt Revolver, but for those who don’t, we’re here to inform you of the beautiful history. For starters, the Colt Revolver was first created in 1831 by gunsmith Samuel Colt in the United States of America. It was the first practical revolver-cylinder handgun…. Read more »

The Benefits of an Assault Rifle Scope

Scope mount for AR-15

If you own an assault rifle, you’ll know that it is very excited to shoot. They are powerful firearms. If you’re an avid shooter who enjoys going to the range or sets up a range at the house, you’re usually trying to invest in new attachments and heightening your challenges. With an assault rifle scope,… Read more »

Practice Hunting Safety Tips

Two Men practicing safe hunting

If you’re an avid hunter, you’ll know and understand that firearm safety is extremely important. Even if you are a gun owner, you should be practicing safe uses. When hunting season rolls around, there’s the possibility of accidents happening, which we want to try and eliminate. If we practice gun safety, we’re only benefitting ourselves…. Read more »

Scope Mounts

The electric charge that you’re feeling in the air is the change in seasons. The time to get back outdoors and hunt your prey is right around the corner! It creeps up faster and faster every year, and that means you have to get prepared in advance so that your first day hunting will be… Read more »

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