Muzzleloader Receivers & Accessories for Hunting or Shooting

Do you need muzzleloader receivers and accessories? Do you wish you knew of a trustworthy business to provide you with the hunting and shooting muzzleloader receivers and accessories you need? If so, Kwik-Site Co. is the place for you!

For over 50 years, Kwik-Site Co. has provided our customers with the most reliable, American made muzzleloader receivers and accessories for hunting and shooting purposes. Check out the different types of options we have for sale below.

Types of Muzzleloader Receivers For Sale

  • Traditions Round Receivers
  • Traditions Flat Receivers
  • Traditions Extra High Flat CVA
  • Apollo-90 Receivers
  • CVA Round Receivers
  • CVA Flat Receivers
  • Modern Round Receivers
  • Knight Receivers
  • MK-85 Receivers
  • Thompson Center Receivers Encore Receivers
  • Omega Receivers
  • Triumph Receivers
  • Hawken Receivers
  • New Englander Receivers Renegade Receivers
  • Scout Receivers System
  • One Receivers Thunderhawk Receivers

Without question, Kwik-Site. Co. has the muzzleloader receivers and accessories available for nearly all of the most reputable brands in the industry. We’re a go-to destination for many muzzleloader owners!

Muzzleloaders are unique, since both the bullet and charge are loaded right into the muzzle. With such a long history, the muzzleloader remains a beloved item by owners who love feeling a sense of history when firing one, and value the accuracy they can achieve, especially when you have the right muzzleloader receiver and accessories for your when you hunt or engage in shooting practice.

If you have any questions about muzzleloaders or need help finding the right receiver or hunting accessories for yours, give us a call at 734-326-1500.