Risers for Sale

Are you in the market for KS-AR15 risers and one piece Picatinny risers? If so, Kwik-Site Co. has just the selection for you. Since the birth of our company in 1967, we have provided firearm owners with all types of American made products to help improve their shots, including risers.

KS-AR15 Risers For Sale

When you’re looking for the right AR-15 riser, it’s essential to select a dependable one so you can enjoy the litany of benefits that come from using them. Selecting the right riser will help improve your shooting accuracy by keeping you online and making sure your shot will hit your target where you want, and not “just miss.’’

What’s more, selecting the right riser mount for your AR-15 will help personalize your firearm and ensure it’s customized to suit your exact needs. This is especially true when you choose Picatinny risers, as you can arrange it to make your firearm feel as comfortable as possible when it comes time to shoot. When selecting an AR-15 riser, go for one that is affordable, high quality and American made…just like the ones from Kwik-Site Co.!

If you have any general or specific questions about the risers we have for sale, or if you need help selecting the right option for your needs, contact the riser experts at Kwik-Site Co. today.

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