Scope Mounts

The electric charge that you’re feeling in the air is the change in seasons. The time to get back outdoors and hunt your prey is right around the corner! It creeps up faster and faster every year, and that means you have to get prepared in advance so that your first day hunting will be successful. Once you have the proper weapon selected, be sure to also select the correct accessory. Scope mounts are perfect, and often necessary, additions for your hunting adventures. Thankfully, Kwik-Site has a wondrous offering of scope mounts that will get your prepared and eager with anticipated for hunting season.

If a shotgun is your chosen weapon, consider some of our more impressive options for scope mounts. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss things with you. Plus, we might even recommend a few other items that will make your life easier and your hunting more successful.

For example, our Scope Mount Assembly Tool is preferable for one inch tubes. This can help you make a quick installation and get you out into the field all the faster.

Whatever your specific need, we’re here to help. Scope mounts are great to use with original iron sights, giving you a broader range of view and allowing for better accuracy.